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East End Light and Dark

by Laura Prieto


A4 hardback photo book, featuring 27 colour images of London's East End by photographer Laura Prieto.
Just 25 copies were printed for sale, each signed and individually numbered by Laura.


The East End of London is a picture of hustle and bustle, a melting pot, a hive of activity that never stops. Its main thoroughfares never seem to sleep, and yet in the backstreets there can often be found an eerie tranquillity, devoid of human life and dictated by architecture, old and new.

Photographing the area by day and night allows us to see both worlds – the bustle of markets and the clots of traffic, as well as the less-trod passageways where the only presence felt is the spectre of a long dead killer.

This book, which has a strictly limited print run, records these views. Some are already out of date, and it probably will not be long before others will join the already teetering pile of archive images of another era that grace private and archival collections. The changes are happening that fast.