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Poison and Poisoners

by Various authors

“I have no hesitation in placing the poisoner at the head of the list of different kinds of crimes in the degree of gravity and heinousness. For callousness, dissimulation, brutality and hypocrisy, the poisoner is without equal in all the annals of crime. He is also the greatest danger to the community at large in consequence of the subtlety of his methods, and the difficulty generally experienced in bringing his crimes to light...

Secret poisoning is the very worst form of murder. And when it is perpetrated by a criminal upon his or her near relations for possible financial gain, or for motives of lust, the depth of the infamy exhibited cannot adequately be plumbed by any healthy-minded man. He can only stand shuddering and execrating at the bare contemplation of it. It would seem that such criminals as these must have been reared from the spawn of a serpent.

How a man or woman, husband, wife, mother or father, can calmly inflict a painful and lingering death upon those with whom they have ties of kinship and should have of affection, the while they are using endearing terms towards them and ostensibly ministering to their sufferings, passes one’s comprehension.”

Hargrave Lee Adam (1908), The Story of Crime

This book,  a collection of eight essays from experts on poisonous dark deeds and featuring an Introduction by Linda Stratmann, was published to coincidence with the recent event Casebook: Classic Crime, Poison and Poisoners.

Only 50 copies were printed, most being sold to attendees of the conference. We have some copies available to purchase at just £10 plus P&P - please click on the relevant link below to buy your copy:





Introduction: Poison and Poisoners
by Linda Stratmann

“Sally Arsenic”: The Case of Sarah Chesham
by Kaye Jones

Excuse Fingers! Major Herbert Rowse Armstrong
by Robin Odell

Unlucky in Love: The Case of Stacey Castor
by Samantha Hulass

Graham Frederick Young: Scorn in a Teacup
by Ben Johnson

Prince of Poisoners: William Palmer
by Stephen Bates

George Chapman, The Southwark Poisoner
by Helena Wojtczak

The Infant Poisonings of Rebecca Smith
by Kate Clarke

My Night in the Poisoners’ Forum
by Alex King