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25 Years of The Diary of Jack the Ripper: The True Facts

by Robert Smith


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2017 marks a quarter of a century since the document known as the diary of Jack the Ripper first came to the attention of the Ripper world.

This new book, by the diary's custodian and owner Robert Smith, has two main objectives: for the very first time to provide a same-size colour facsimile of the document, and to offer a record and an assessment of what has been discovered about the physical artefact and its contents since it emerged 25 years ago on 9th March 1992.

What do we know now that we didn’t when Robert's company, Smith Gryphon Ltd, published "The Diary of Jack the Ripper" by Shirley Harrison on 4th October 1993? If it was a hoax, why hasn’t the proof of who forged it, and how and when, been forthcoming over the course of a quarter of a century?

It is time to make public why the diary team is confident it is a genuine Victorian document. We can finally answer the following questions: When was it written? Where was it found? Why did it come to light on 9th March 1992? Where has it been for over 125 years? And we must ask one further and crucially linked question. Is Albert Johnson’s watch a genuine artefact from 1888?

Lurking behind all of these questions are two more: Was the diary written by a serial killer? If it was, was he Jack the Ripper?

These last two questions do not receive definitive answers in this book, but you will acquire plenty of information on them for you to form a sound opinion.

The diary is either a genuine document written circa 1888/89 or it is a modern fake. There is no other feasible option. If you want to make an objective assessment, you have to read every word in the diary with your full attention. With the new full-size facsimile in colour to hand, you can observe in detail the words, the handwriting, the variation of ink flows and pressures, the blots and blemishes, and the shade of the ink, about which much misinformation has been disseminated.

Featuring chapters on the diary's provenence, the physical and scientific evidence, how the complex relationship between Michael and Anne Barrett impacted on and nearly wrecked the search for the diary's true provenance, and controversial topics such as "tin match box empty", 25 YEARS OF THE DIARY OF JACK THE RIPPER also includes a new annotated transcript, with extensive notes.

* Limited edition of 500 copies
* A4 hardback
* Full colour facsimile of the diary's 64 pages
* Individually numbered and signed by the author
* Published on Monday 4th September 2017
* £25.00 plus P&P