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A Moment in Time

by Veronica Lucan

"As I am now eighty years of age, I have taken this opportunity to try to ‘set the record straight’ by writing a book and giving my side of the story before it is too late."

Veronica, 7th Countess of Lucan

In March 2017 we began work on A MOMENT IN TIME, the memoirs of Veronica, 7th Countess of Lucan.

Over subsequent months the manuscript was finalised and photographs scanned from Lady Lucan’s private albums.

The book was approved last weekend, our final contact with Lady Lucan being on Sunday, 24th September - the day before her death.

This is Lady Lucan’s story, told in her own words.

To be published on 1st December 2017.

To pre-order please click on the relevant link below (£20.00 +p&p).
(Please note: Apologies, but we do not hold publication rights in the United States of America and are unable to sell to buyers in that territory.)

Rest of World (Not United States)


* Hardback 290 pages
* Illustrated with photographs from Lady Lucan's private albums
* Index
* Hardback £20.00 + p&p
* Kindle format £7.99
* Publication 1st December 2017