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The New Jack the Ripper A-Z

by Paul Begg, Debra Arif and Sean Crundall

Mango Books are thrilled to announce a new title, THE NEW JACK THE RIPPER A-Z by Paul Begg, Debra Arif and Sean Crundall. The book is a complete rewrite of the famous volume first published in 1994, authored by Paul Begg, Martin Fido and Keith Skinner.

For this new project, Paul has welcomed renowned researchers Debra Arif and Sean Crundall, and the trio have been working hard for some time creating an extensive database containing fresh, highly-detailed information on the Whitechapel murders.

THE NEW JACK THE RIPPER A-Z will be published in Spring 2020.

PAUL BEGG, who has always enjoyed historical mysteries, became a freelance writer in 1979 following the success of his first book, INTO THIN AIR, an investigation of stories of disappearance. He wrote extensively for journals in Britain and the United States, and for a decade wrote for the computer press. A longtime interest in the Jack the Ripper story led in the centenary year, 1988, to the publication of JACK THE RIPPER: THE UNCENSORED FACTS, the first book to eschew suspects and examine the crimes and police investigation. This book was much expanded and rewritten and published as JACK THE RIPPER: THE FACTS. He authored JACK THE RIPPER: THE DEFINITIVE HISTORY, which looked at the events surrounding the crimes, and with John Bennett he co-authored JACK THE RIPPER: THE FORGOTTEN VICTIMS, about women murdered immediately after the crimes commonly attributed to Jack the Ripper. He conceived and wrote, originally with co-authors Keith Skinner and Martin Fido, THE JACK THE RIPPER A-Z. Internationally respected as an authority on the subject, he has also written a book about the mysterious disappearance of those aboard Mary Celeste, and articles on subjects as diverse as Robin Hood and King Arthur.   

DEBRA ARIF lives with her partner and young daughter in a village full of beautiful walks on the outskirts of Huddersfield, in Yorkshire. She also has two grown up children who live close by. Before she developed her passion, (some say obsession!) for historical research and writing, particularly about the Whitechapel murders but also Victorian life in general, Debra experimented with an eclectic mix of occupations including waitress,'greasy spoon' cafe owner, hairdresser, baker and also studied analytical chemistry and forensic science at university for a short spell. Debra has written articles for RIPPEROLOGIST magazine, including co-authoring 'A Rose by Any Other Name' with Robert Clack, an article which won the Jeremy Beadle prize in 2009. She has also contributed research, advice and photographs to several authors and been acknowledged in several published books on the subject of the Whitechapel murders. She also contributed research to an earlier edition of the A to Z. In her spare time Debra loves creative, artistic pursuits including painting, drawing, crafting, cooking, DIY and designing and making outfits for her little princess in residence.

SEAN CRUNDALL was born in Derby, but grew up in Bradford. For over thirty years he has taken a keen interest in all matters criminous, especially the causes celebres of the Victorian era. An avid book and document collector, his library holds over 1,500 volumes on true crime. His interest in the Whitechapel murders stretches back to 1987, and was piqued on learning that one of his forebears was connected to several officials involved in the original investigation. He enjoys walks in the countryside, visiting art galleries, museums and botanical gardens. And, of course, reading. He holidays on the Cornish coast, and is particularly interested in Cornish folkelore. He lives in London.