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by Veronica Lucan

Digital version.

A MOMENT IN TIME is the long-awaited memoir of Veronica, 7th Countess of Lucan, who writes in the concluding pages, “As I am now eighty years of age, I have taken this opportunity to try to ‘set the record straight’ by writing a book and giving my side of the story before it is too late.” Thankfully, her close working relationship with our editor Pam McCleave saw this wish realised before her sudden death on 25th September 2017; the final edits and photograph selection from her private albums being completed the week before she died. Having declined to collaborate with authors of previous books, this is Veronica’s story in her own words; a frank and honest description of her life with ‘Lucky’ Lucan, her battles with depression and, of course, the events of 7th November 1974.

VERONICA, 7th COUNTESS OF LUCAN was born into a middle class family in May 1937. She met John Bingham, future 7th Earl of Lucan, early in 1963 and married him later the same year. Their early marriage was privileged, with travel to St. Moritz in winter, the South of France in the summer and various other destinations around the globe. With professional gambler Lord Lucan spending an increasing amount of time at the Clermont Club, cracks began to appear in the marriage and their relationship fell apart. Saddled with heavy gambling debts and the cost of keeping two households following their separation, Lord Lucan became desperate. The murder of Sandra Rivett, nanny to their three young children, and the subsequent disappearance of Lord Lucan clouded Veronica’s life for more than forty years.

At Lady Lucan's request, proceeds to Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.