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by Andrew Firth

Despite the passage of nearly 130 years since Jack the Ripper roamed the streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields seeking out and murdering his victims, people are still drawn to the area, heading out on walking tours that promise the ultimate “Ripper” experience. But how much is left of the London that Jack and his unfortunate victims would have known? Is there an expectation in the minds of visitors for a preserved Victorian network of streets, complete with gas lamps and dark alleyways; a theme park style “Ripperland”?



Using old images of the sites associated with the Ripper murders, and superimposing them into their modern day equivalent scenes, photographer and graphic designer Andrew Firth has created a unique visual survey of what now remains of those atmospheric Victorian streets and buildings.

The book contains over forty photomontages and over 130 colour and monochrome photographs of modern day “Ripperland” at its most atmospheric. The book also features a foreword written by Ripper tour guide and author John Bennett.

130 landscape pages, colour throughout. Softcover.