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by Louis Berk and Rachel Kolsky

* Currently reprinting - due 15 January 2021 *

Whitechapel Doors chronicles the social and political history of this iconic area of London through the entrances and portals of its buildings. Once a rural backwater favoured by the wealthy and the retired, it became a dark and sinister presence in the 19th and 20th centuries but in the current era is being transformed into a modern addition to the City that it borders.

Illustrated with over one hundred photographs by Louis Berk and narrated by award-winning London Blue Badge Tourist Guide Rachel Kolsky, the doors range from humble residences to the grandeur of public and commercial buildings, each with their own fascinating story to tell.

LOUIS BERK is a photographer whose work in the ‘fragile hinterland’ of Whitechapel and Spitalfields has been used regularly since 2008 in newspapers, magazines, books and websites, both in the UK and internationally. He is the joint author (with Rachel Kolsky) of two highly successful books for Amberley Publishing, Whitechapel in 50 Buildings and Secret Whitechapel, as well as a solo effort based on a 5-year photographic project in two of London’s oldest Jewish cemeteries, East End Jewish Cemeteries, to which he was granted exclusive access.

Engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining, RACHEL KOLSKY is passionate about exploring London’s heritage. Her popular walks and talks cover a wide range of themes and areas but always focus on the ‘human stories behind the buildings’. In addition to her collaborations with Louis, Rachel has published Jewish London and Women’s London.

A4 paperback, colour throughout.